SFL Becomes Service Partner of Blume Global Empowering the Next Era of Logistics Excellence

As of November 2023, Soft Freight Logic (SFL Tech) becomes a proud service partner of Blume Global.

Blume Global is a supply chain technology provider, with direct connectivity to the ocean, air, rail, parcel, LTL, and truckload carriers. Leveraging its digital solutions and years of industry experience, Blume maximizes transportation spend, enhances customer services, and contributes to carbon emission reduction for its users.

SFL, as a technology solutions provider for the logistics and supply chain management industry, has established itself as a valued service and business partner for both CargoWise One and Microlistics.

WiseTech Global’s Acquisition of Blume Global

WiseTech Global (ASX: WTC), the creators of the leading logistics execution software CargoWise, has made a groundbreaking move by acquiring Blume Global (Blume) for an impressive US$414 million. This strategic leap solidifies WiseTech Global’s commitment to leading the way in supply chain solutions, with a clear focus on enhancing visibility and process efficiencies throughout the entire supply chain.

Richard White, Founder and CEO of WiseTech Global, emphasized the strategic significance of this acquisition. It propels WiseTech Global’s capabilities in one of its six key CargoWise development priority areas—specifically, the integration of rail into its landside logistics offering in North America, acknowledged as the world’s most complex and largest logistics region.

As Blume integrates into the WiseTech Global group, the future holds the promise of greater scale and resources. According to Blume Global’s CEO, Pervinder Johar, “Joining the WiseTech Global group means greater scale and resources to make logistics processes more productive, agile, dependable, and sustainable with innovative execution and visibility solutions.”

A closer look at Blume Global

Operating under the mantra “Every move. Every mode. Every mile,” Blume Global stands out with its state-of-the-art, AI-enabled, data-driven digital platform. Drawing on 25 years of data insights, a globally connected network, and advanced solutions spanning real-time visibility, logistics execution, asset management, optimization, and financial audit & settlement, Blume Global empowers enterprises to enhance agility, responsiveness, service delivery, and cost efficiency.

Blume Global is unwavering in its commitment to nurturing an ethical, purpose-driven supply chain, delivering benefits across the board. Aligned with sustainable practices, it addresses both environmental and social challenges, exemplifying the potential of a harmonized, collaborative supply chain.

Blume’s technology excels in optimizing transportation spend, strategically reducing carbon emissions, providing meticulous visibility and traceability, supporting businesses in emerging economies, and orchestrating seamless goods delivery. This encapsulates the commitment of Blume Global — a dedication to driving positive change through technological innovation and ethical supply chain practices.

Combine CargoWise’s international forwarding capabilities with Blume’s cutting-edge landside logistics

Blume solutions utilize the latest advancements in artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, blockchain, big data, intelligent robotic process automation, and the Internet of Things to create a vibrant supply chain ecosystem that is truly collaborative, purposeful, and focused on real value creation.

Blume’s Solutions encompasses:
  • Logistics Execution
  • Rate Management
  • Carrier Selection
  • Visibility
  • Dynamic ETA
  • Freight Audit and Payment
  • Asset tracking
  • Asset Optimization

Through our partnership with Blume Global, you gain access to streamlined landside logistics execution, optimizing transportation operations from start to finish. This encompasses intelligent and automated carrier selection, reducing empty moves, and enabling data-driven decision-making for enhanced efficiency.

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